Genius Hour Post 6

Over the course of this project, I have learned more about the game that I enjoy so much. It has always brought me great pleasure to be able to pass on my knowledge and skills of golf onto others that are willing to learn, but may not have the same access that I experienced. Prior to this project, I would help teach my friends how to improve their games or even get an idea of how to get started in general, but now I realize that I can broaden my scope on who I impact with my talent and knowledge.

I have learned that there is a strong motion going on in the golf world to better educate the younger generation about the game of golf, so that it continues to grow. Golf is obviously an extremely popular sport or activity for older people who may be physically incapable to keep playing more involved sports such as football and basketball. But it is not, however, as popular in the younger generations, mostly because the younger generation does not have proper exposure to golf.

My genius hour project would ideally fix this problem. Its main goal is to provide the equipment and proper instruction to younger children. My idea of getting schools actually involved with this project would need to include a convincing presentation to those schools. I think that I, personally, would be a great person to lead these presentations to the schools and I could even bring along my teacher that I learned everything from.

I could demonstrate to the schools how easy the game is to learn and the benefits it can provide going on in life. I really think that if I was exposed to a presentation about growing the game of golf in younger children when I was in elementary school, it would have peaked my interest as well as many of my friends’ interest. This is something that I really want to look into continuing after this EDIT 2000 class has concluded. At the very least, I will continue to try to share my knowledge of the game, whether it be with my friends or younger kids trying to find a different game than what most people play. This class has really made me realize my potential for affecting this cause and for that I am grateful.