Genius Hour Post 4

For my fourth Genius Hour post, I decided to interview one of my friends who also enjoys the game of golf, Wade Phillips. Wade and I grew up together playing all kinds of sports, including golf. He offers an interesting perspective to this project because he didn’t play golf in high school like I did, but during all the summers growing up, he would ask me to teach him how to play when he was in between baseball and football season.

Me teaching Wade the game of golf ties directly in to my Genius Hour project. He had his own set of clubs and access to a golf course, but did not have any access to a golf teacher like I did. So, we would go out to the course and I would instruct him on how to swing the club properly and perform the other various tasks in the difficult game of golf. In fact, from the summer going into sophomore year of high school, we were able to lower his average score by more than 15 strokes. This improvement in his game allowed him to enjoy more and we now play almost weekly together.

When I interviewed him about this project, he thought it was very intriguing and agreed with me that the game of golf needs to be expanded to younger kids growing up that are limited to just a few sports. He mentioned similar ideas that I have thought about before, but also mentioned the idea of providing instructional videos (similar to my SnapGuide) that could be readily accessible to anyone looking to learn about the game of golf. He noted that when he was a lot younger, he would have been very motivated to use simple instructions like this to get ahead in his game.

The most important thing he said was that he was fortunate enough to have me around to teach him how to play during high school. He thought that if I hadn’t been around to teach him how to play, he probably wouldn’t have any interest in the game whatsoever, so that made me feel pretty good. But everyone out there doesn’t have a friend they grew up with that played golf and knew a lot about it, which makes it all the more important that we need to discover new and creative ways to introduce the younger generation to the game when they don’t have the means or access to it.


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