Genius Hour Third Post

  1. Owens, D., & Bunker, L. K. (1989). Teaching golf : steps to success. Champaign, Ill. : Leisure Press, c1989.
  2. Bender, M., Vandenberg, d. C., & Jozwiak, D. (2014). Teaching Teachers Golf schools with guest instructors are a win-win. PGA Magazine (1044-1204), 95(10), 98-103.
    1. This article would be beneficial to my Genius hour because it discusses the different ways to give people access to an expensive instructor/nationally known teacher, without having to pay the full cost. This would directly tie in to the different ways to expose younger kids to the game of golf that may not be capable of doing it on their own.
  3. Lynch, J. (2015). Teaching Teachers. PGA Magazine (1044-1204), 96(9), 122-126.
    1. This article discusses the proper teaching methods for golf teaching professionals, but it could also be used for a plan to educate younger kids. It essentially teaches the importance of the short game (putting and chipping), and the proper form and techniques to use for it.
  4. GROWING THE GAME. (2013). PGA Magazine (1044-1204), 94(2),      4-7.
    1. This article talks about the commitment the PGA has made to growing the game in today’s younger generation by illustrating their different promotion programs to grow the game. Most of their programs are aimed towards children in particular, but there is also mention of growing the game for everyone else too, not just dependent on age.
  5. Grayson, R. (2012). Growing the Game with a Game for Juniors. PGA Magazine (1044-1204), 93(11), 32-34.

keywords used: “growing the game of golf,” “teaching golf,” and “golf instruction”