Genius Hour Blog Post 2

For my second post about my Genius hour project, I looked into some of my fellow classmates’ ideas and compared them to mine. I thought that this could potentially help me in improving my idea some more by using some outside minds. For example, Alex Sovchen’s idea is to teach students the importance of high school sports. We basically have the same concept, but mine is obviously more narrowly focused on the sport of golf, rather than all high school sports. We both believe that an active, hands-on approach is far and away the best strategy to inform these kids about the importance of these sports, although for golf it is much more difficult.

I did some research into the importance of the game of golf and came across this poem: It basically illustrates the poet’s passion for the game, but also hammers home the point that golf can last you a lifetime. It’s not like most other sports, where you will never play it again after high school. It is something that you can play until you old and physically unable to.

I’m still thinking on how exactly I can make the game of golf more accessible to younger and less privileged kids, which is something I plan to discuss with my former golf teacher from high school, Tom Ness. He is ranked as a Top 50 golf instructor in the country, so he would obviously be a solid source of information on this topic. I will definitely need to get in contact with Tom soon as he will be a very valuable resource to my Genius Hour project.

Also, I found a great follow on twitter for this topic: Ted Eleftheriou, whose twitter name is @CreateGolfers. His title is the Director of Golf Program Development for the PGA, so he would be a great source of information for me.


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